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The Best Keratosis Pilaris Treatment to Improve Your Bumpy Skin!

The Best Keratosis Pilaris Treatment to Improve Your Bumpy Skin!

The Best Keratosis Pilaris Treatment to Improve Your Bumpy Skin!

We often see a condition in clinic called keratosis pilaris. K.P., as it's also known, is a common skin condition marked by "chicken skin" bumps, which appear on the inner upper arm and front legs. K.P. occurs when a common protein called keratin blocks the opening of hair follicles, creating hard, dry bumps. 

Dr. Alanen and I often recommend 10% AHA Lactic Acid Revolac Body Exfoliating Lotion. It's the perfect treatment for this condition.

K.P. is most common in young people, and it often clears up by itself with time. It occurs more frequently in dry climates and in winter time — precisely the conditions we see every year here in Calgary. 

The best natural treatment for keratosis pilaris is a combination of regular exfoliation and moisturizing. Exfoliate your skin at least 3-4 times each week, using Revoderm Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub or a mechanical exfoliant such as a loofah or dry brush.

Follow up immediately with a lactic acid lotion such as Revolac. I also recommend using a humidifier in your house to create more moisture in the air.

Unlike other products, Revolac lotion immediately brings rapid relief from the dryness, irritation, ingrown hair and redness associated with keratosis pilaris.

With its breakthrough formulation of potent alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), Revolac lotion also helps with ingrown hair because it sloughs off dry skin, which helps exfoliate and unclog hair follicles. It prevents irritation, dryness, ingrown hair, sun damage, brown spots and K.P. 

The high lactic acid content moisturizes and hydrates dry skin. It also brightens the skin and helps reduce sunspots and brown spots. Your skin will feel smoother, softer, brighter and hydrated all day long.

Revolac lotion contains allantoin, an extract from the comfrey plant that regenerates heathy skin. The lotion also contains a safe form of silicone that protects your skin from further damage and provides a smooth and silky touch with skin barrier properties.

Revolac's safety and effectiveness are backed by science and years of clinical experience. Our dermatologist Dr. Ken Alanen and Revoderm founder Ildikó Juhasz are skin care and laser experts. They help thousands of patients at the dermatology clinic with keratosis pilaris and other skin conditions.

Revolac lotion is available without prescription. If you experience temporary stinging on application, it is normal due to prior exfoliation. If you shave, wait 20 minutes before applying Revolac.

Keep in mind products and treatments may work more successfully together since many types of KP need individual customized approach and prescription. If you have a stubborn or advanced form of K.P. and Revoderm Revolac lotion doesn't help solve your problem, you might need to see us at our dermatology clinic for help. In that case, book a consultation at