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We know you’re going to love our products! But, just in case you don’t get the results you were hoping for, we are here to help with our expert Board Certified Dermatology team!  Because sometimes products alone won’t create results for all skin conditions.

We have the medical experience to properly guide you to get the skin you want, with over 20+ years of hands on clinical experience (including 15+ years of owning our dermatology and medical cosmetic procedure clinic). We have the expertise you deserve.

Because sometimes it’s a matter of knowing exactly the right product for you, or if there is something more or deeper going on, or if you are on certain prescriptions that might be causing your skin reactions.  

Here’s how our guarantee works:

If after using our product for 30 days you don’t get the results you want, our nursing team or skin experts will get on a call with you personally — yes, with a real (and qualified) human being!

If you live locally in the Calgary area, we offer before and after pictures with cutting edge technology to visually show your results. From there we can determine why you're not getting results:

  1. Our skin care expert team can determine if you picked the right product for your skin, and we’ll gladly discuss it for free with you and guide you in the right direction.
  2. If your condition requires more than what a product alone can do, you might need a prescription or a proper diagnosis with a dermatologist. We can set you up with a virtual consultation or you can submit your images to our triple certified dermatologist, Dr. Ken Alanen, or our skin expert, Revoderm founder and laser clinician Ildiko Juhasz.